Charles Lester of Surface Solutions provided me with comprehensive, quality and prompt, tile cleaning, sealing, and repair.  He is always on time, respectful and careful not to track in dirt or leave a mess in my house.  In my case, he cleaned and sealed all the stone and granite in my home.  My tumbled stone shower floor had deteriorating tiles, he provided a timely quote and oversaw the tile contractor, therefore absorbing any schedule or construction glitches.  I recommend him for all your tile and stone needs.  – Lauren Saltman, Goleta, CA 93105  Date Published 09/15/2014 – 5 / 5 Stars

Thanks for the work on the pool deck and ramps they look great and I appreciate that there was no mess involved with your process!! I look forward to having you do work for me in the future and I will pass along your good work as a recommendation to my other facility directors! – Shawn Dahlen, Facilities Director Santa Barbara Family YMCA, a branch of the Channel Islands YMCA, 36 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, Date Published 08/27/2014 – 5 / 5 Stars

I had a listing where the tenants had left quite a bit of grease and oil on the garage floor even after they tried to steam clean it. Surface Solutions came in and did an excellent job treating the surface and restoring it to near new condition! Not only did Surface Solutions do a great job, they made  me look good for recommending  them to my client. Thanks, Drew. Tim Johnson – Keller Williams Realty Santa Barbara” – Tim Johnson Keller Williams Santa Barbara  1435 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara CA 93101 805-403-6323 BRE #01426239 Date Published 07/16/2014 – 5 / 5 Stars

I highly recommend Surface Solutions for restoration work. I had stained and discolored grout and tile in two bathrooms. The floors looked old and worn. After Surface Solutions completed their work,—the floors were pristine in appearance. They looked brand new! Charles Lester is skilled, honest and hard working. You will be happy that you chose his company to do restoration work.   Written by: Donna Kirkmire–Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA – Date published: 05/02/2014/2013 – 5 / 5 stars

As the Facilities Manager at the San Ysidro Ranch Resort in Santa Barbara, CA, - I have responsibility for maintaining the property from top to bottom. For years we had been pressure washing the patios of one of the most famous restaurants in Santa Barbara and could never get them very clean. It was frustrating to say the least. The cost of replacing the stone was prohibitive and so we kept looking for a restorative solution. I finally found Surface Solutions and we are so happy. Never have we come across a service that is so thorough and professional. As I watched them do the free demo I became hopefull as to the results, and when they were finsihed I was simply amazed. The Ranch has hardscape everywhere that just needs a good cleaning and I finally have the answer. Thank you Surface Solutions and I will see you soon. – Written by: Duane Nichols, Facilities Manager, SYR – Stone Patios – Date published: 10/08/2013 – 5 / 5 stars

Brick Paver System, Santa Barbara - Surface Solutions came to our home and cleaned our faded driveway.  We left to go to the zoo, and returned to find a brilliant, new looking driveway that our neighbors are still commenting on.  They returned after everything was dry and applied a sealer that just makes it shine.  Their professionalism was top notch and its exactly what we wanted.  I will be referring Surface Solutions to all my friends and neighbors, thanks guys. – Written by: Belinda Salazar – Review for: Surface Solutions – Date published: 10/05/2013 – Residence, Santa Barbara, CA – 5 / 5 Stars

Surface Solutions arrived on time and spent a little over an hour at my home cleaning the stone fireplace. It was black from years of use and we had tried everything to get it clean. After he was finished you could actually see the variations of color in the stone again. I will definitely continue to use this service for cleaning my fireplace and will recommend it to all of my friends and family who have stone patios, pathways, and anything else that needs a good cleaning. Thank You Drew & Surface Solutions! – Written by: Devany Steeple – Review for: Surface Solutions -Date published: 09/21/2013 – 5 / 5 Stars

My deck looks great! We were having issues with sun damage and years of grime and dirt build up on our front porch.  I searched for a cleaning company and finally found Surface Solutions.  After a brief conversation, it became clear that we could save thousands of dollars by cleaning and sealing our deck, instead of replacing the wood we thought was beyond repair.  For the price the solution was clear.  Surface Solutions came out and cleaned our front porch in less than an hour.  WOW, what a difference.  We were so impressed by their professionalism and integrity that we plan to have them back to work on our tile bathrooms and stone pool decking when we have the funds.  In our opinion “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”, and thats why we love Surface Solutions.  Thanks Guys. – Written by: Christy Schubeler, Santa Barbara – Review for: Surface Solutions -Date published: 09/08/2013 – 5 / 5 Stars