Oil Eater: Safe for the whole family!


Surface Solutions is proud to offer the Santa Barbara area another scientific innovation that makes cleaning the worst of messes, simply a breeze.  Oil stains on concrete, greasy floors in kitchens, and just plain filthy garages with oil spills are no match for our OIL EATER products and services.  At the heart of the process are microbes (small organisms) that eat oil.  These microbes are cultivated, not genetically engineered, to eat oil and other organic substances such as paraffin, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons.  They convert oil, gasoline and diesel fuel to harmless, natural occurring products, environmentally safe for humans, pets, plants and aquatic life.






The pictures below illustrate how effective our product actually is.  Oil stained cement pavers used in a parking lot with one application after one week.  Just think what OIL EATER can do for you!!!

Surface Solutions OilEater

OIL EATER services and products are PERFECT for:

Parking Lots: our micro-organisms will remediate areas of oil contamination and largely prevent buildup of oil-based spills and stains.

Restaurants: our micro-organisms can be used in food service establishments to clean and treat floors in kitchens, associated dining areas and kitchen grease traps reducing costs associated with disposal.  All ingredients in the carrier solution conform to the Food and Drug Administration Regulation (FDA), INDIRECT FOOD ADDITIVE 1983, code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, and Parts 174-1798.

Grease Traps: our micro-organisms are a scientific blend of multiple strains of naturally occurring active microbes, which are capable of literally consuming all of the organic contaminants that clog drain lines and fill grease traps. These strains digest organic waste such as fat, grease, oil, protein, starch, cellulose, and detergent.

Airports: Runways and tarmacs contaminated with spills of oil and fuels can be easily cleaned.

Shop Floors: Any floor in a machine shop type environment, which has been exposed to cutting oils and equipment lubrication, can be completely cleaned using this process.

Service Stations: Work bay areas can be cleaned and kept clean with this process. Other methods do no more than spread the oil in a thin layer over the complete floor area.

Parts Cleaner: When it is desirous to degrease parts, this process can be employed. It produces totally oil free parts and is not harmful to the skin (like other solvent cleaners).

Shop Rags: Shop rags can be washed in the parts cleaner, wrung out, hung over a line and used the next day. No solvent odors remain and the rags can be used over and over.

Dip Vats: Machine shops, auto shops, etc. can use our micro-organisms in their dip vats to remove oil from parts that need painting or plating. It will replace many “hot caustic” dips, saving money on electricity and eliminating toxic waste problems associated with “hot caustic” dips.

Tank Cleaning: our micro-organisms have been used by major oil companies to help increase safety and efficiency in the removal of sludge from large above ground tanks and the removal of gasoline and diesel from tank trucks.

Other Areas of Use: Car Dealerships, Schools, Municipalities, Garages and Shops, Pipeline Companies, Oil Field Service Companies, Transport Carriers, Freight Lines, Utility Districts, Hospitals, Body Shops, Truck and Car Washes.

Call us today 805.886.6828 to see how Surface Solutions can help you with your oil, fat, and grease issues, and you will find WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

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