Surface Solutions is providing cutting edge restoration services for the both the Commercial and Residential sectors in the greater Santa Barbara area. Our technicians are trained in green technologies that bring surfaces back to their original beauty without detrimental impacts to our environment. Everything is laid out in an easy to ready quote so there is no surprises. We know that every floor, office building, and client has different needs, and we are focused on meeting those expectations. See our BLOG section for recent projects and further information.

CONSULTING/CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT (residential/commercial stone and tile selection, replacement)

RE-GROUTING (removal of old grout and replace with new material)

OIL EATERS (GREEN cleaning using micro-organisms cultivated to eat hydrocarbons)

LITHIUM QUARTZ SEALER (halts the deterioration of concrete and porous stone, common around salt water pools and other wet environments)


Step 1  We complete a thorough inspection of the surface.

Step 2  We move light furniture, pre-vacuum the area, tape/mask to protect adjacent surfaces, and pre-clean the surface if required.

Step 3  Using the best diamond-resin abrasives available we hone the surface to remove damage and/or create the desired finish (honed-dull, satin-semi gloss, or polished-high gloss)

Step 4  Our final steps include the application of high quality impregnating or topical sealers designed specifically for your surface.

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • And More!

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout floors and resurfacing natural stone, but we can do much more.

Surface Solutions is proud to offer an amazing scientific breakthrough to our clients by providing specialty concrete staining services using lithium quartz sealants and custom pigments. Lithium quartz sealers can arrest the deterioration of concrete surfaces such as those found around salt water pools and other moisture intrusion applications. Call us today to see how we can help you.

We also provide odor elimination services for autos and facilities that have lingering issues with cigarette smoke and other noxious odors.  Real estate agents love this service when they are trying to sell a home that was previously occupied by a smoker.  We will guarantee you are happy with the results, or your money back.

We offer discounts for “first time customers” and for “multi-surface cleanings scheduled for the same visit”.

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