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To Saltillo, Or Not to Saltillo

Saltillo Tile

Many of our clients are business and home owners that have installed Saltillo tiles (Mexican unfired clay tiles).  These tiles remain one of the cheaper alternatives on the market for large areas that require a hard surface (about $1.50/sqft), but many ignore the warnings concerning proper protective measures and maintenance needed for these soft tiles. We at Surface Solutions would like to share with you what we have learned about Saltillo tiles and hope you can find the right solutions for your beautiful tiles.

When considering Saltillos for flooring make sure your contractor protects the tiles “before” the joints are grouted.  These tiles are so porous they will soak up what we call “grout haze” and nothing will remove it...

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What Sealer Should I Use – Part 2

Surface Solutions Sealers

Part 2 of our sealer series concerns topical sealers such as Siloxanes, Silicones, Acrylics and Polymer Resins.  For the right applications these sealers can extend service life and prevent staining of cement, stone, tile & grout and much more.

Siloxanes are a derivative of Silicones and react, behave, and protect accordingly.

Silicones in general have great hydrophobic (water repellent) and oilophobic (oil repellent) properties.  These traits may sound like they are great concrete sealers but unfortunatley that is not the case in most situations.  Silicones are widely known to have a “short” life span, and are more often than not UV (Ultraviolet Light) unstable.  They are not recommended for surfaces that will experience normal abrasion issues such as floors and are better suited to v...

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What Stone Sealer Should I Use – Part I

Surface Solution Stone Sealer

Many of my clients have asked, “Do I need to seal my natural stone, cement, or brick pavers, etc.”  Anyone  looking into their options concerning hard surface sealers eventually finds that the universe of sealers is not only vast, but can be expensive, confusing and down right irritating.  Especially when you want to make the right decisions to protect your investments.   I hope the following will clear some things up for all of you.  If all else fails, ask an expert at Surface Solutions.

There are about seven competing technologies available to choose from when considering a sealer.  For the most part, think of structural or penetrating sealers as different from topical or vertical surface sealers, each having their own pros and cons, and purpose...

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Welcome To The World of Chemistry, Science & Innovation!

Surface Solutions marble sealer

Surface Solutions is now offering specialty sealers for a variety of applications.  These sealers are known as Hydrolyzed Lithium Quartz (HLQ) Compounds and they are changing the restoration industry by waterproofing, protecting, and preserving. Lithium Quartz sealers actually create a crystalline structure in the surface of the substrate, strengthening it against deterioration and protecting it from moist conditions.  The sealers can be used near salt water pools were coping or other surrounding concrete is disintegrating, as a moisture barrier extending longevity of natural stone mosaic tiles on shower floors and walls, and a host of other applications. HLQs penetrate and react with soluble calcium compounds to form an insoluble silicate structure that remains breathable...

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