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Surface Solutions marble sealer

Surface Solutions is now offering specialty sealers for a variety of applications.  These sealers are known as Hydrolyzed Lithium Quartz (HLQ) Compounds and they are changing the restoration industry by waterproofing, protecting, and preserving. Lithium Quartz sealers actually create a crystalline structure in the surface of the substrate, strengthening it against deterioration and protecting it from moist conditions.  The sealers can be used near salt water pools were coping or other surrounding concrete is disintegrating, as a moisture barrier extending longevity of natural stone mosaic tiles on shower floors and walls, and a host of other applications. HLQs penetrate and react with soluble calcium compounds to form an insoluble silicate structure that remains breathable.  This functionality make it perfect for natural stone surfaces.  The newly formed, breathable protective barrier cannot be removed chemically or physically, and there is no surface coating or film that can be worn away.

Perfect for:

  • Concrete (garages, patios, interior and exterior walkways/floors, etc.)
  • Sandstone (walkways, patios, pool surrounds, fireplaces, etc.)
  • Unpolished Marble (showers, floors, kitchens for both exterior and interior applications)
  • Limestone (vanities, back splashes, and more)
  • Brick (walkways, patios, floors, walls, you name it)
  • Grout Joints (vintage tile applications or just protecting your investment)
  • Unglazed Tile
  • Stucco
  • and Slump Block just to name a few.

This product has an even more amazing attribute in that it can be colored with normal everyday pigments also used in the paint industry.  This functionality allows specialty staining of concrete and other substrates while simultaneously protecting the surface from further deterioration.  We can even create custom colors to match any color scheme or objective.  And finally, the product is non toxic and contains NO volatile organic compounds making it a truly GREEN solution.

We are so proud to offer this service and product we are offering an August special to our valued clients of 15% off any HLQ project over 500 sqft.

Give us a call today 805.886.6828 to see how WE ARE THE SOLUTION.

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